Privacy Policy

ZIPPITY's Privacy Policy has been formulated because we place significant worth on our users and their respective rights to have their personal information kept private. The following policy describes our practices regarding the gathering and diffusion of information for all sites under the management of ZIPPITY Pty Ltd.

ZIPPITY's Terms and Conditions for all users of the site can be viewed by clicking here.

Gathering data on ZIPPITY guests

Information on the Site is collected by ZIPPITY from visitors to the Site as a collective body of subjects; information is gathered as a whole regarding issues including, but not limited to, the frequency, timing and volume of visits to certain parts of the Site. ZIPPITY always ensures that such data is only gathered and used as accumulated and collective data. The information gathered from collective analysis is used in order to develop and enrich your user experience. ZIPPITY may share this collectively gathered data with ZIPPITY partners in order to explain the various ways in which guests use the Site. By gathering and acting on this collective information, ZIPPITY can continue to strive to ensure that you are provided with the most rewarding online career development service you can find.

IP Addresses

In order to support the process diagnosing issues and problems with the services we provide to you, the web servers operated by ZIPPITY will collect your IP address. However, most importantly, information is gathered collectively and without recording of individualised information.

Cookies & Applets

To provide you with a rewarding and efficient career improvement experience, ZIPPITY utilises cookies, which enable you to use the numerous services that the Site provides, and conveniently, to recall your last search, as well as, your details for the Automatic Login should you enable these options.

Users may instruct their individual web browsers to refuse cookies should you so choose. However, it must be noted that choosing to do so may limit your user experience by preventing accessibility to certain parts of the Site.

Gathering information regarding ZIPPITY Registered Members

Part of the process of registering with ZIPPITY is that we collect personal data provided by you to us in order to provide you with a complete experience. To provide you with this, you may be required to provide further information. This is discussed below.


It is optional to register with ZIPPITY. Though, upon registration for the “My Account” services, you are allowed to use all the resources and services provided by ZIPPITY to assist you in your career development. Providing us with your email address is part of the registration process. All information you submit to us for registration may be accessed or changed by you at any time by visiting the 'My Information' tab in the “My Account” section of the Site.


Emails are optional; however, should you choose to sign-up to this service, ZIPPITY kindly asks that you provide us with information that details your desired employment options, location and your email address. This will allow us to alert you via email when any job that matches your preferences is posted on our website. Again, your information is required in order to provide passwords and preferences for emailing can be accessed or changed at any time via the “Settings” tab when logged in, and information can be changed in the “Profile” section.

Storage of your files/resume

All registered members may choose to store resumes on their account. Removing a stored resume from your account will mean that it cannot be accessed by you. However, removal of a saved resume will not mean that it will be deleted from ZIPPITY records.


Each Z-Score generated is based off the information that you provide to us The more accurate the information, the more accurate the Z-Score that can be generated to reflect your potential suitability to position. An independent Z-Score is generated for every position you apply for, and therefore each Z-Score is compartmentalized to every position, and is kept confidential.

Job Applications Online

Online job applications are free of charge, and are optional to undertake. However, to complete a successful application, certain information requirements need to be met; such as information regarding first and last name, email, phone number, contact address and all other information necessary for the application process. The purpose for this information is in order to allow the job Advertiser to identify and communicate with you. Your entire application is passed directly to the Advertiser. All Advertisers are third parties and not part ZIPPITY. ZIPPITY undertakes no liability at all for what Advertisers do with any information contained within your application, nor the activities Advertisers engage in with your application itself.

You are requesting and consenting to ZIPPITY forwarding on all information provided by yourself to the Advertiser when you apply to a job advertisement posted on the Site.

Advertisers may be contacted directly by yourself and you may request that such Advertisers grant you access to any information that you have provided in connection with your job application.

ZIPPITY's email correspondence

Another optional service provided by ZIPPITY is email correspondence that aims to provide you with certain information regarding job finding and related career information. This service is provided to account holders and all have the option of declining to receive email correspondence by changing preferences listed in the “Settings” page when logged in. Further, ZIPPITY may provide you with emails relating to furthering our commercial relationship with you regarding additional products and services that you may be interested in.

Storage & Security of Personal Information

All reasonable protocols and processes are taken by ZIPPITY to maintain the security of our Site. All information that is held by us on your behalf is stored securely on our protected servers. You are provided with access at any time to change and update your information so that it is accurate and complete.

All our officers, agents, employees and contractors who maintain our systems are bound to keep the personal information you provide confidential. Nonetheless. ZIPPITY is not liable, nor responsible for any injury, loss, damage, disturbance, or any other occurrence that arises from a breach of confidentiality, or any unauthorised access and/or dealing with your information, howsoever caused.

Please help us in our mission to protect your privacy and information by ensuring that your keep your details, especially your login information, account details and email private and secure. ZIPPITY requests that you alert us instantly of any suspected breach in privacy.

Should you wish to notify us, please contact us here.

Access to Your Information

Unless you elect to register a “My Account” account, no direct personal information is collected from you. If you do choose to become a registered account holder, you have the ability to access and change your data at any time by visiting the 'My Information' tab in the “My Account” section of the Site.

ZIPPITY Partners & Advertisers

ZIPPITY allows approved third parties to use the Site. The actions of third parties using the Site cannot be controlled by ZIPPITY, and ZIPPITY does not accept responsibility for the actions of such third parties. All Advertisers who post job advertisements on the Site are required to accept and abide by the Australian federal law regarding information privacy and management practices.

Advertisers may be contacted directly by yourself and you may request that such Advertisers grant you access to any information that you have provided in connection with your job application.


Feedback regarding any and all aspects of the Site is openly welcomed by ZIPPITY. In value of your important ideas and information, ZIPPITY will store this information in order to upgrade, develop and improve your user experience. This information may also be shared with ZIPPITY partners.

Privacy & Site Changes

From time to time, ZIPPITY may review and update its privacy statement without notice. Revised versions will be updated on the website.

More Information About Privacy

For further information regarding issues of privacy in Australia, please visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's web page.