Bellezza Espresso
12 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD

Hustle & Bustle

It’s all about family at the Bellezza Group’s iconic flagship espresso bar on Creek Street. With its Al Pacino poster, New York-style café windows and beautiful timber floors, our massive store is buzzing with the energy of a big city. The atmosphere is a caffeine hit in itself.

Bellezza Espresso is a prominent hub in the Brisbane workforce, but despite its corporate setting, we run our business like a home – cozy and refined. We provide an escape for cubicle-workers in need of some good company and homeliness.

"We're a big happy family and are proud of what we do."
- James
Workplace Culture
A Second Home
We spend so much time at work that this place is home. Our team consists of twelve staff, many of whom have been with us since the store opened. The longevity of our tightknit team is a reflection of how well we treat each other. We love what we do and come in every day looking to improve.

Our team consists of all age groups and backgrounds, as we consider applicants on a case-by-case basis. The expectation level is very high. Our working atmosphere is hands-on, fast-paced and demanding, so you must be a strong person to make it here. If you can master this, you can do anything.

Management is encouraging and generous, with a big family presence. We nurture our staff and emphasise the importance of working in a cohesive unit.
Ideal Candidate
Personality & Experience
We want an adaptable and entertaining individual who shows initiative and personality. Experience is crucial in this demanding environment. If you can show us a passion for the hospitability industry and our brand, you are the person for us.
We look for baristas, floor and kitchen staff. A determined mindset is the most important criteria, because skill can always be refined later. If you are considered, we will organise an initial meeting and then a trial so drop in your resume above.
I started at about the age of 8 as a dishie and then fell in love with making coffee. Mostly self-taught, I have always dreamed of owning my own cafe. I love coming to work - it doesn't feel like work because I'm here having fun.

The team is like my family and it brings a smile when you see what you've done and what you've created. I love my cars and motorbikes and my favourite past time when I get time off is catching up with mates and having breakfast with them.
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