Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane QLD

Brisbane’s Laneway Pioneer

Venture to the end of nondescript Burnett Lane and you’ll stumble upon our underground hideout. With astro turf, fairy lights and walls reminiscent of an art gallery, Brew is the ultimate retreat from the CBD’s hustle and bustle.

Since opening in April 2010, Brew has paved the way for Brisbane’s Melbourne-inspired laneway culture. You’re spoilt for choice here – we offer quality coffee, reasonably-priced food and an impressive selection of wines, cocktails and craft beers.

"Its so much fun here. Its vibrant and after 3 years, its still got that buzz."
- Corrine
Workplace Culture
All Inclusive Team
Brew provides a hip, Australian twist on the English pub – a relaxed space where everyone is welcome. Our staff know how important it is to treat everyone equally, across all backgrounds and ages.

We have a cultured team of all types, talents and ages. We see ourselves as one unit – not separated into kitchen, day or night teams – so while some staff have specialised skills, we strive for a cohesive working environment. Everyone loves their job and friendships are maintained past closing hours.

Management provides structure and guidelines, but allows staff to develop independently. With a background in social work, offering a nurturing environment has become second-nature. Touchstone meetings are crucial to encourage team building and we also offer training if our staff want to expand their skills. We value employees who go above and beyond, and reward that in kind.
Ideal Candidate
Genuine and Experienced
We want multi-faceted and personable staff who react well to our fast-paced and sometimes autonomous atmosphere. You must show initiative, problem-solving skills and natural ability to work in a team. A strong work ethic is crucial.

We look for experience in service and hospitality, but perhaps even more so in life. We love people who are authentic and relatable. You can always add skills but not always attitude. Those in management roles must have be confident in influencing operations.
I came from managing Flamingo Cafe to Brew for only just 9 months ago. I've been in hospitality since 1994 (though I did take some time off to focus on DJing for a while).

After always being interested in music and film, hospitality has been something that has given me the flexibility to pursue my hobbies as well as develop a professional career. My favourite place to travel is South East Asia - the diversity of cultures on our door step is amazing. I love Vietnamese and Mexican foods; its all about fragrance and bold flavours!
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