The Next Generation Hiring Tool

Zippity empowers you to cultivate your very own candidate following. Grow your candidate pool, shortlist staff in seconds and take control of your hiring with Zippity.

How Zippity Works

Candidates visit your online profile, learn about your brand and drop in a Zippity resume. No more paper resumes, no more job ads. It's neat, standardised, and ready when you need it.


Say goodbye to unexpected interruptions, stacks of paper resumes, and hassle. Our shop-front stickers direct walk-ins to your beautiful online profile.


Link your website and social media to your Zippity profile and manage all your candidates from one place. You'll no longer need to worry about cluttering your inbox and countless attachments.

Shortlist in Seconds

Imagine comparing every single candidate's resume and skills, all at once. Zippity gives you the power to instantly rank every candidate in your pool according to what you need.


Skills, experience, language, work rights, availability and more - it's all considered instantly. We call this ranking technology, the Z Score. Hire the best staff everytime.


Zippity lets you automatically assess every candidate's suitability to the roles you hire for when they drop in their resume. With our analysis, you’ll immediately see who’s best suited to doing what.

"I’ve hired whole teams through Zippity. My managers can use Zippity without hassle, I always have candidates at the ready, and because I get to showcase our brand culture, Zippity has allowed me to hire the best candidates ever!"
- Martin, Owner at San Churro South Bank
"Zippity has helped better my business. I save so much time as I don’t deal with paper resumes and manually compare candidates - Zippity handles all this for me. Zippity is literally a revolution in the way we hire staff and I couldn’t be happier."
- Arif, Owner at Cowch
"Its fantastic. Zippity is so easy to use. We no longer have hassles with storing candidate details and we don’t advertise for staff anymore. Zippity has empowered us to make our own hiring choices within our very own pool of candidates!"
- Keziah, Owner at Kiss the berry

Take control of your hiring with Zippity