Cafe Mondial
167 Albert St, Brisbane QLD

Fine Alfresco Dining

We’re a family owned father and son business that started over 22 years ago as Brisbane’s first alfresco fine dining restaurant. We love authentic Italian food and a classical continental atmosphere.

We are all about table service; whether it be for pre-order interaction and recommendation, inter-meal or post-meal conversation and service. In order to give the best possible dining experience, with us, its all about feeling well looked after with an old-school and friendly twist.

"You meet lots of new people and it’s a fun environment."
- Melodie
Workplace Culture
International Melting Pot
The people that work here are very international. We have people from all over the world; France, Africa, India, America, greater Europe and of course Australia. It’s a big melting pot in the middle of Brisbane. Amazingly, while everyone is from such vastly different cultures, we all manage to come together as one big family.

It is a fast paced environment like any large restaurant, but everyone knows what to do and when to help as we carry that family mentality throughout.

The energy makes for a very exciting and quick day while the broad range of backgrounds makes things interesting and fun. The managers are experienced and have been in the industry for a very long time. For that reason, all are outgoing, extremely approachable and they understand the importance of teamwork.
Ideal Candidate
Friendly, Positive & Approachable
A minimum of 2 years experience in hospitality. Given the nature of Café Mondial; being fast paced and always open, its important to have a general understanding of restaurant work, with some local experience.

If you’re also well presented, friendly, positive and approachable, then you’re someone we’d love to have.
  6.30am - 12am
  6.30am - 12am
  6.30am - 12am
  6.30am - 12am
  6.30am - 12am
  6.30am - 12am
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