Campos Coffee
Gasworks Plaza, 76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead QLD

Pioneers In Coffee

The first Campos Coffee Queensland location only opened in 2007 but our reputation for premium wholesale and café coffee has grown rapidly ever since. We have three unique locations in Brisbane, offering slightly different atmospheres but all with a commitment to producing superior coffee.

Our Gasworks Plaza store is one of our newest and hosts a great retreat for the busy person whether for a quiet moment or a meet up. Its a pure espresso bar with a delicious and wholesome spread.

"Its always a buzz here. The people here are energetic and fun. I love it!"
- Kylie
Workplace Culture
A Love for Coffee
Campos is all about consistency in coffee; all the way from the farmers who grow our beans to what methods our staff use in making coffee. We are seriously committed to our producers and everyone who works for us is trained not only on in store operations but on the origin of each of our beans and the lives of the people who cultivate them.

Passion for coffee is an absolute must in our workplace and we ensure our staff are armed with plenty of knowledge and information about our brand that they can pass on to our customers. Our company prides itself on promoting from within and we reward loyal staff with opportunities for career advancement.

Many of our staff have been with us for a number of years, but we also employ a number of students who are striving to work in a more vibrant and unique workplace. Campos is all about a love of premium coffee.
Ideal Candidate
Experienced & Passionate
We love people who have had some experience as a barista or in the hospitality industry and we always provide new hires with plenty of training to bring them up to speed with how we do things uniquely.

Being fully available to work 7 days a week and in the early mornings is an absolute must. It is important to be able to work in a fast paced environment and give great customer service at all times. If you have a real interest in a career in coffee or a passion for it, Campos could be for you.
I have worked with Campos for the past 7 years. What I enjoy and respect the most is the company’s passion for providing a consistent product. Being a part of the training and development of our Baristas is a welcome challenge. I was given the opportunity to travel to PNG to see first hand, the production and processing involved at one of the coffee plantations we source our beans directly from.

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, design and creating where I can.
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