Shop 3, 6 Knox Street, Sandgate QLD

Jazz & Hip-Hop Flavour

Cypher Coffee was founded in 2013 by a 21 year old lady who was looking for a change. Ali Barnes was searching for a new career when the opportunity to open her own café was presented to her. She sold her 1965 Chrysler Valiant Safari to fund the initial set up, and thus Cypher Coffee was born!

Having been in the coffee industry for nearly 6 years, to start her own business was always Ali’s dream. At Cypher we are always trying to offer high quality coffee at high speeds, while also providing the best customer service possible.

"My coworkers are my friends, the coffee is awesome, and there’s always groovy tunes playing!"
- Emily
Workplace Culture
Young & Fresh
At Cypher we're a team full of different personalities. Some of us are a little crazy (especially after 3 piccolos and a long black!). But we always try to keep our working hours fun and high energy!

During peak coffee hours the pressure is on, and we put our heads down and get the job done. We rely heavily on communication, so getting along with your work mates is essential. Given the nature of our venue, being able to work well in a team and play on each other's strengths is something that we do day in and day out. We like to think that the whole team eventually becomes friends as we grow together in the Cypher family. Everyone at Cypher is meant to teach and learn from one another.

Management is hands on and are always leading by example. Getting their hands dirty is something that speaks a lot of the workplace culture. Cypher is quaint and super cool.
Ideal Candidate
Energetic & Passionate
The most important thing that we search for within all potential employees is initiative! It may sound cliché but there we cannot stress how essential initiative is when it comes to the work we do at Cypher.

Quick thinking, problem solving and multitasking should all come naturally, especially when the shop is busy and everything going on. The ability to listen and understand what’s being asked of you is also important. Oh, and did we mention you need to be able to make a perfect cup of coffee
I'm the owner and manager of Cypher, so I've been here since day dot! Aside from making amazing coffees; I love hip hop, surfing, being sarcastic and just having fun.

I love my team and enjoy seeing them have fun while working and learning new things about coffee every day. I was born in Tokyo, but am obsessed with Brooklyn, NY - come into the shop and you'll probably hear me playing some Wu-Tang Clan or Mosdef! So if you're near make sure to pop in and say heya!
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