Espresso Veloce
10 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD

Efficient Quality

At Eagle Street’s Espresso Veloce, your cappuccino will be ready before you can put your change away. Fitting, since our name is Italian for ‘fast espresso’. We are efficient, not chaotic, without ever sacrificing quality.

Our espresso bar offers sun-drenched yet air-conditioned indoor and outdoor seating, where customers can get their daily caffeine hit and other nibbles from familiar friendly faces. Adorned in crisp marble and granite, the environment is a comfortable and clean getaway from the monotony of office life.

"We are a family business and that reflects in how we view our team."
- James
Workplace Culture
Family Dynamic
Espresso Veloce has an enthusiastic, small and tightknit team who enjoy working in a family environment. We see our co-workers and customers everyday – maybe even more than our actual family – so a strong sense of kinship is formed here.

While the majority of our team is young, we do not target an age group – just a type of attitude. A healthy mindset is the most important criteria, because skill can always be taught later. We give everyone a chance. Do it right and this job will not feel like work.

Management is encouraging and generous. We emphasise the importance of helping each other out. It’s not about what I can do, or what you can do – it’s about what we can do together. We depend and rely on each other through effective communication.
Ideal Candidate
Personality First
Are you a big personality individual with a family-oriented background? We want adaptable and entertaining team players with a passion for the hospitability industry. As long as you are willing to learn, we will get you where you need to be.
A good memory is crucial to acquaint yourself with regular customers and their orders. Multi-tasking is also beneficial in our fast-paced environment. We always do a trial before hire with long-term applicants preferred; drop in your resume above.
I started at about the age of 8 as a dishie and then fell in love with making coffee. Mostly self-taught, I have always dreamed of owning my own cafe. I love coming to work - it doesn't feel like work because I'm here having fun.

The team is like my family and it brings a smile when you see what you've done and what you've created. I love my cars and motorbikes and my favourite past time when I get time off is catching up with mates and having breakfast with them.
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