200 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD

New York Beauty

Born from the inspiration of the beautiful and exclusive Gramercy Park's in New York City and a love of cafes, ‘Gramercy’ is a slice of the big apples vibrancy in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.

Putting our customers first at all times, providing them with super quality coffee, exquisite food, local ingredients and on point service as well as a calm relaxing environment in the midst of the rat race is what we are truly passionate about.

"Its cool and super fun. I love it here"
- Nick
Workplace Culture
Fun Vibrant Stylish
‘Gramercy’ is a clean, elegant and modern American themed hole in the wall café. Splashes of green and floral arrangements allow customers to be transported away from a busy Brisbane CBD to a vibrant ‘park’ surrounded by activity and chatter. The shelves are stacked with fresh produce sourced locally and brimming with an assortment of jars, breads and goodies, providing that authentic café feel yet remaining stylish and clean.

We believe in a fun and vibrant environment, where every member of the team is someone who is approachable and friendly. Our staff are young and lively yet stylish, professional and focused, constantly smiling and enjoying themselves.

Management are focused and versatile with the ability to work in a busy and fast paced environment and yet remain calm and in charge allowing our staff to have a low stress working environment.
Ideal Candidate
Passion and Precision
Passion for the job and coffee is key. However given the fast paced nature and location of Gramercy, experience and precision is necessary.

Strong knowledge of coffee and café environments is needed for you to thrive and get the most out of the Gramercy experience, but we promise, it’s not all serious. We need people who are fun, fresh and bring an energetic attitude to work every day. If you believe this is you, we’d love to hear from you!
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