Julius Pizzeria
77 Grey Street, South Brisbane QLD

Brisbane’s Italian Favourite

Nestled under Fish Lane’s slick new Aria development, you’ll find a humble brick house befitting of a Monopoly game board. It’s the embodiment of South Brisbane’s quirky charm, but what’s inside is perhaps even more impressive.

Julius offers an industrial chic dining space with an exposed-brick interior, dangling pendant bulbs and a stylish bar area. Since opening in 2014, our menu of authentic Italian cuisine – pasta, wood-fired pizza and more – has catered to the cultural heart of Brisbane, making a name for itself as the city’s best.

"We all work hard, and we all want to perfect the art of Italian cuisine."
- Aleks
Workplace Culture
An Extended Family
Our tightknit team always strives for quality and consistency, with a great pride in what we do. There is a strong sense of mutual respect between management and staff. Most of our team have been here for years and everyone wants to stay.

Julius is proud to maintain a true restaurant culture where everyone is welcome with open arms. This is our home and our customers are our guests – you are greeted when you walk in, you are escorted when you leave. We live by these fundamental service rules, which are so often forgotten everywhere else.

Management is very particular about the way we like things done. Fine dining has standards and we ensure the restaurant remains ordered and presentable. Service, music, and ambience are as important as the dishes we serve. We strive for the complete package.
Ideal Candidate
Right Attitude & Energy
We want multi-faceted staff with experience in hospitality, who can deal with our busy and demanding environment. Our ideal candidate must demonstrate conscientiousness, initiative and a natural ability to work in a team. A strong work ethic is crucial.

We’re all about simple things done well, so out team must reflect that. We look for the right attitude and the right energy. So if this sounds like you, drop in your resume above.
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