Malt Dining
28 Market St, Brisbane QLD

Rustic Sophistication

Nestled in a heritage building on Market Street, you’ll find Malt Dining – an intimate loft space with exposed brick walls, high-beamed ceilings and a rustic, attic ambience. Since opening in May 2011, we have offered a luxurious (but not pretentious) dining experience with the highest standard of food and service.

Our menu is made with the finest fresh and local produce, easily tailored for vegetarian and other specialty diets. We’re all about small-scale, homely vibes here – food that makes you feel good about the world.

"We love to constantly better ourselves and learn from one another."
- Lucy
Workplace Culture
Mature & Professional
We share a lot of staff between Malt and our other venue, Aquitaine. As a small restaurant, there are often only two people on the floor, so it’s important that everyone gets along.

Our team consists of older, mature staff who thrive in a comfortable working environment. Everyone is in that settling down stage. Plus, we’re closed on Sunday, so everyone is guaranteed at least one day of downtime.

Management looks to attract people who are ready to commit long-term, as most of our staff stay for years. This calm and controlled dynamic facilitates a healthy work/life balance. Although we don’t socialise much outside of work hours, we are a cohesive, effective and tight-knit team.
Ideal Candidate
Genuine Passion
When finding the ideal candidate, we focus on personality first – experience and skill comes later. We want you to be comfortable, happy and to stay with us. For both front and back of house, you will need at least one to two years experience. Interest for food and wine is paramount.

It’s expected that everyone in the team has their particular strengths and weaknesses. Although we train staff to be as all-rounded as possible, we are happy to give you the freedom to pursue your stronger skills.
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