Malt Traders
10 Market St, Brisbane QLD

A Treasure Trove

Brisbane’s tasteful and thirsty will rejoice at our premium bottle store on Market Street. From the team behind Malt Dining and Aquitaine Brasserie, we offer an exceptional retail experience packed with small parcel, minimal intervention wines, craft beers and spirits.

Since early 2014, we’ve proudly supported local producers and kept the dollars local. We’re here to help you explore new indulgences and to bring something special to your table when entertaining. We are passionate about what we do and proud to give you Malt Traders.

"Its such a cool place - we've got alcohol from all over the world!"
- Greg
Workplace Culture
Premium Service & Beyond
We’re not trying to compete with other commercial supermarket brands. In fact, we strive for the opposite. Malt Traders is all about unique items in a clean and minimal boutique space, with a specialised service experience.

Our team is focused, friendly and knowledgeable. We recognise that, in the world of small business, it’s the grassroots relationships that enable us to succeed. We’re here to help Brisbane explore new indulgences and bring something special to the table. We maintain a fine balancing act between pushing the boundaries and listening to the customer’s needs and preferences.

Management believes in keeping our "aces in their places". We utilise each individual’s strengths to them in the right position to succeed.
Ideal Candidate
Personality First
Experience, knowledge and skill will get your foot in the door. But whether we invite you in rests solely on your personality. We look for confident, personable and upbeat staff who are always up for a chat. You must show team spirit and a genuine care for customers.

It’s expected that everyone in the team has their particular strengths and weaknesses. Although we train staff to be as all-rounded as possible, we are happy to give you the freedom to pursue your stronger skills.
I love food and wine! I make my own aged sangria and love to cook up different things. I have no "favourite" food as such as its so seasonal, mood and weather driven for me. I have a big record collection at home and always use my turn table. Motor cross riding and skate boarding is also a hobby as I like to live on the edge a bit.

My favourite place to travel would be Bali. My mother's Dutch and Indonesian so I have a very strong interest for Spanish and Indonesian foods. I absolutely love like places with really diverse cultures.
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