Pearl Cafe
28 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD

Old World Flair

In late 2007, we opened Pearl Café – a cosy, European-style bistro in the previously untouched Woolloongabba. With exposed brick walls and dreamy lighting, our late 1800s building was perfect for emulating the old-school European atmosphere we held so dear.

Back then, these establishments were all about supporting the community – musicians, poets, writers and the like – so we created a similar hub in Brisbane, while offering a quality, produce-driven and pure menu.

"Its great fun here. The culture is so strong here, and the team is great."
- Anna
Workplace Culture
The Farmer & The Fisherman
It’s all about quality here. Whether it’s the fish on your plate or the coffee out the front, we always serve the best we can get.

Our team is multi-faceted – consisting of different skills, experiences and backgrounds – so nobody feels like they are less or more important than each other. This workplace equality makes for a strong sense of community. At our peak times, our team works cohesively and respects each other’s capacities. Empathy is important, as staff need to be flexible with how they operate.

Management develops our team organically. We will find the right person, find the right fit and take them through their career or wherever they want to go. Understanding our philosophy is key, and the rest is what you can contribute to our brand.
Ideal Candidate
Our perfect candidate is hardworking, enthusiastic and a bit of fun – we want you to enjoy yourself here. There is a fine balancing act between personality, passion and experience, but we are considerate of every individual’s flavour. We encourage every team member’s unique traits, as opposed to molding them to our brand. Everyone brings something different to the table. Travel is also a plus. It’s great when a candidate has seen the world, or even experienced the European bistro firsthand.
I started Pearl 8 years ago...
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