The Fox Hotel
71-73 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane QLD

Art Deco Charm

Nestled in Southbank’s Cultural Precinct and dating back to the 1800s, The Fox is one of the oldest hotels in Brisbane. Originally a hangout for dockworkers, The Fox has become a hive for Brisbane’s young and hip.

We offer a feast for both the appetite and the eyes. Our three levels are a kaleidoscopic fusion of art deco and contemporary charm – comprising of bars, bistros, unique function areas and our very own art space for the creatively inclined.

"Its great. We're a big family and everyone gets along - and you never have to work past 3am!"
- Harriet
Workplace Culture
Cool Camaraderie
After over a century of transformation, our iconic heritage building has emerged as the trendy staple it is today. The customer service that we offer reflects our status amongst Brisbane’s best and most well regarded establishments.

Our team is young and energetic, yet responsible and professional. At full capacity we have up to 50 staff working together to provide the best possible experience for our valued customers.. We believe a healthy team dynamic is essential. As a large and versatile multi-purpose venue, our staff have to be able to handle the pressures of a busy workplace whilst remaining as lively as the customers around them.

Management is professional, organized and takes pride in helping everyone to improve and develop their individual skills. We also are happy to take on students studying hospitality looking for some valuable real world experience.
Ideal Candidate
Positive & Passionate
We want a team of positive and enthusiastic staff. We value teamwork, punctuality and people skills and love people who have travelled (in country or abroad),You will have worked in hospitality (experience at a bar or as a barista is preferable) and be willing to operate in a fast-paced environment.

As for kitchen staff, you need to love what you do. Bistro experience isn't a must but passion is. We have a big food focus at The Fox so creativity is valued.
I’ve been managing in the hospitality industry now for 12 years having managed prominent clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants all over Sydney and Brisbane but have now called The Fox my home for the past 2 years. I studied a bachelor of photography and to support my photography dream I found my true calling in hospitality and haven’t looked back since.

My favourite part about working at The Fox are the big nights, I love the buzz but nothing can beat kicking back and having a drink with the staff to celebrate a good nights work.
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